Directorate of Naval Signals

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Directorate of Naval Signals
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Directorate overview
FormedOctober 1966
Preceding Directorate
Directorate executive
  • Director of Naval Signals
Parent departmentNavy Department, Naval Staff

The Directorate of Naval Signals [1] was military staff directorate of the British Navy Department, Naval Staff created in October 1966 and lasted until 1992. It was responsible for managing and developing all shore to ship signals and communications in the relation to the Royal Navy. The directorate was administered by the Director of Naval Signals.[2]


In 1906 the Department of Admiralty set up a Signals Committee to initially investigate signalling between Royal Navy vessels and Merchant Navy vessels,[3] In 1914 the Admiralty War Staff established a Signal Section to manage all shore to ship communications. In 1917 the Admiralty Naval Staff replaced the war staff and created a naval staff Signal Division. In October, 1966 the signal division was renamed the Directorate of Naval Signals, but was now part of the Navy Department, Naval Staff. This directorate was controlled and supervised by the Director of Naval Signals until 1992 when it was abolished.[4]

In Command

Director of Naval Signals

Deputy Director of Naval Signals


  1. Captain Cameron Rusby: October, 1966-November 1967 (previously deputy director signals, signal division from August 1965)
  2. Captain Stephen F. Berthon: November 1967-February 1969
  3. Captain Peter C. Prince: February 1969-December 1971
  4. Captain John B.D. Miller: December 1971


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