Directorate of Defence Policy (Naval)

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Directorate of Defence Policy (Naval)
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Directorate overview
Preceding Directorate
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence
Directorate executive
  • Director of Defence Policy (Naval)
Parent departmentNavy Department, Naval Staff

The Directorate of Defence Policy (Naval) was military staff directorate of the British Navy Department, Naval Staff created in 1968 and lasted until 1983. It was responsible for the formulating and developing defence policy in the relation to the Royal Navy. The department was administered by the Director of Naval Warfare.[1]


The directorate was first established in 1968 as part of the Navy Department (Naval Staff). It was responsible for the formulating and developing defence policy in the relation to the Royal Navy, and was controlled and directed by the Director of Defence Policy (Naval). It existed until 1983 before being abolished.[2]

In Command

Director of Defence Policy (Naval)

  1. Commodore Colin Charles Harrison Dunlop: 1968-May 1969.[3][4]
  2. Commodore Stephen F. Berthon: May 1969-May 1971.[5]
  3. Commodore James F.R. Weir: May 1971-August 1973.[6]
  4. Commodore Benjamin C. Perowne: August 1973-January 1976.[7]
  5. Commodore Rhoderick S. Falconer: January 1976-October 1977.[8]
  6. Commodore John R. Hill: October 1977-August 1980.[9]
  7. Commodore Vincent M. Howard: August 1980-March 1982.[10]
  8. Commodore Richard G. Heaslip: March 1982-1983.[11]


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