Directorate of Defence Plans (Navy)

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Directorate of Defence Plans (Navy)
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Directorate overview
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Directorate executive
  • Director of Defence Plans (Navy)
  • Deputy Director of Defence Plans (Navy)
Parent departmentNavy Department, Naval Staff

The Directorate of Defence Plans (Navy) was Naval Staff directorate of the British Navy Department, Naval Staff created in 1963 and lasted until 1970 . It was responsible for formulating and implementing Ministry of Defence Plans in the relation to the Royal Navy. The department was administered by the Director of Defence Plans (Navy).[1]

In Command

Director of Defence Plans (Navy)

  1. Commodore David A. Dunbar-Nasmith: July 1963-January 1965.[2][3]
  2. Captain E. Gerard N. Mansfield: January 1965-January 1967.[4]
  3. Captain Edward F. Gueritz: January 1967-January 1968.[5]
  4. Captain Iwan G. Raikes: January-December 1968.[6]
  5. Commodore H.C. Nicholas Goodhart: December 1968-June 1970.[7]

Deputy Director of Defence Plans (Navy)

  1. Captain John C.Y. Roxburgh: April 1964-April 1965.[8]
  2. Captain W.David S. Scott: April 1965-September 1966.[9]
  3. Captain Charles B. Fetherston-Dilke: September 1966..[10]


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