Directorate-General Naval Manpower and Training

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Directorate-General Naval Manpower and Training
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Organisation overview
Preceding Organisation
Superseding department
JurisdictionHM Government
Organisation executive
  • Director-General, Naval Manpower and Training
Parent OrganisationNaval Personnel Department

The Directorate-General Naval Manpower and Training was a major component of the Naval Personnel Department of the Navy Department established in April, 1972 and existed until April 1995.[1]

The directorate was controlled by the Director-General, Naval Manpower and Training.


The Royal Navy first established a Naval Training Department in December 1944 under the command of Rear-Admiral John Walter Durnford, until 1951 when it was renamed the Department of the Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel (Training) administered by Rear-Admiral Charles F.W. Norris.[2]In 1960 the department was then renamed the Directorate-General, Training until 1969 when it was abolished.[3] In 1972 a new training organisation was re-established called the Directorate-General Naval Manpower and Training placed initially under the command of Vice-Admiral David Williams the directorate lasted until 1994.[4] A new Naval Recruiting and Training Agency (NRTA) was launched in April 1995. It was an agency of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The chief executive of NRTA was the Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment he also held the joint post of Director-General Naval Training and Education.[5] The agency was headquartered at the Victory Building, HM Naval Base Portsmouth. The agency was responsible for the recruitment and training of personnel for the Royal Navy, and additionally to recruit for the Royal Marines.[6] In addition it managed the Royal Naval Reserve and the University Royal Naval Units. The NRTA provided support to maritime-related youth organisations such as combined cadet forces, recognised sea scout units and volunteer cadet.[7] The Agency was a subsidiary department of the Naval Personnel Department headed by the Chief of Naval Personnel and Second Sea Lord and consisted of 21 training schools.

In Command


Director-General, Naval Manpower and Training


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