Director of Signals

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Office of the
Director of Signals
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Navy Department
Reports to?
NominatorMinister of State for the Royal Navy(1966-1967)
Secretary of State for Defence (1968-1992)
Term lengthnot fixed
usually 1-4 years
PrecursorDirector of the Signal Department
Formation1918, 1942
First holderActing Captain Richard L. Nicholson
Final holderCaptain John R.G. Trechman
Abolished1920, 1965
SuccessionDirector of Naval Signals

The Director of Signals was a senior British Royal Navy appointment first created from January, 1918 to April 1920 and again from March 1942 to January 1965. The office holder was responsible for the command of the Signals Division. In January 1965 this office was renamed Director of Naval Signals.

Office Holders


  • Acting Captain Richard L. Nicholson, January, 1918 – November, 1919.
  • Captain Rudolf M. Burmester: November 1919-April 1920
  • Rear-Admiral Cedric S. Holland: March 1942-November 1943
  • Rear-Admiral Vaughan Morgan: November 1943-October 1945
  • Captain John R.S. Haines: October 1945-April 1947
  • Captain Gilbert R. Waymouth: April 1947-September 1949
  • Captain Ralph G. Swallow: September 1949-December 1951
  • Captain Roy S. Foster-Brown: December 1951-February 1954
  • Captain Alwyn D. Lenox-Conyngham: February 1954-November 1955
  • Captain Robert F. T. Stannard: November 1955-November 1957
  • Captain Christopher A. James: November 1957-November 1959
  • Captain Edward T.L. Dunsterville: November 1959-March 1960
  • Captain W. John Parker: March 1960-November 1961
  • Captain John R.G. Trechman: November 1961-January 1965


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