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Office of the Deputy Comptroller of the Navy
Navy Board Flag 1832 new version.jpg
Flag of the Navy Board shown for illustrative purposes
Department of the Admiralty
Member ofNavy Board (1793-1832)
AppointerPrime Minister
Subject to formal approval by the King-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed (usually for life)
Inaugural holderCaptain Edward Le Cras
Formation1793-1816, 1829-1832

The Deputy Comptroller of the Navy[1] was a principle member of the Navy Board of the Royal Navy who was responsible for chairing the Committee of Correspondence and managing all internal and external communications of the Navy Board[2] from 1793 to 1816 and then again from 1829 to 1832. He was based at the Navy Office.


The post of the Deputy Comptroller of the Navy was created in 1793 primarily to relive the Comptroller of the Navy of some of his duties. In 1796 the offices of Clerk of the Acts and the three Comptrollers of Accounts (stores, victualling, treasurers) were abolished following an internal inquiry and audit of the Navy Boards business the Board reconstituted and then placed under the supervision of three Committees, for Correspondence, Accounts and Stores. The deputy comptroller was appointed Chairman of the Committee of Correspondence whose members included the former Clerk of the Acts, the Surveyor of the Navy and the commissioner for the Transport Service. Also in attendance at meetings was the Secretary to the Navy Board.[3] The post was temporarily suspended in 1816, then left vacant until 1829 it then existed until 1832 when the Navy Board was abolished and its functions were merged with the Board of Admiralty's.

Office Holders


Note: the post was temporarily suspended and left vacant


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