Department of the Director of Manning

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Department of the Director of Manning
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Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
HeadquartersAdmiralty Building
Agency executive
  • Director of Manning
Parent departmentOffice of the Second Sea Lord

The Department of the Director of Manning was an Admiralty Department created in 1946. In 1964 it was transferred as part of the new Navy Department and in 1973 it was abolished. The department was overseen by the Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel.


A Mobilisation Division of the Admiralty Naval Staff was first established in May 1917 [1] which had evolved out of the Mobilisation Division (Admiralty War Staff). On 12 January 1918 the mobilisation division of the Naval Staff was abolished and replaced by Mobilisation Department now part of the department of the Second Sea Lord.[2] In December, 1930 when it was renamed the Manning Department until May, 1934 when it was abolished. In March 1946 this department was revived under a new name the Department of the Director of Manning until 1964 when the Department of Admiralty was unified into the Ministry of Defence and became the Navy Department. This department continued as part of this new organisation until 1973 when it was abolished.

Head of Department

Director of Manning


  1. Captain Charles P. Clarke: March 1946 – January 1948
  2. Captain Hugh St. L. Nicolson: January – November 1948
  3. Captain George E. Fardell: November 1948 – March 1950
  4. Captain Royston H. Wright: March 1950 – December 1951
  5. Captain Roger S. Wellby: December 1951 – December 1953
  6. Captain Nigel H.G. Austen: December 1953 – December 1955
  7. Captain Lionel W. L. Argles: December 1955 –December 1957
  8. Captain Godfrey B. Teale: December 1957 – May 1960
  9. Captain Peter J. Wyatt: May 1960 – September 1961
  10. Captain Hugo H. Bracken: September 1961 – December 1963
  11. Captain Henry R. Hewlett: December 1963 – September 1965
  12. Captain Ronald C.C. Greenlees: September 1965 – January 1968
  13. Captain Barrie H. Kent: January 1968 – March 1970
  14. Captain John L. Spanyol: March 1970 – 1973


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