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Convoy Section
United Kingdom
Agency overview
FormedJune—September, 1917
Superseding department
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
HeadquartersAdmiralty, London
Agency executive
  • Organising Manager of Convoys
Parent departmentDepartment of Admiralty
Parent staff divisionNaval Staff

The Convoy Section [1] was a former planning organisation of the British Admiralty Naval Staff that coordinated, organised and plotted all Merchant Navy convoys, routing and schedules from June to September 1917 as part of the Anti-Submarine Division. In view of the importance the Admiralty perceived threats to British trade interests, it established a dedicated Mercantile Movements Division.


Responsibility for the convoy system was administered by the Admiralty as early as 1914.[2] A specific Convoy Section [3] of the Naval Staff was originally established 25 June 1917 as part of the Anti-Submarine Division with the appointment of an Organizing Manager of Convoys the Convoy Section coordinated with the Ministry of Shipping [4] who was responsible for Merchant Shipping and the Naval Intelligence Division to organise all convoy, routings and schedules.[5] Although planning of routes for all convoys including there escorting vessels was usually supervised by the Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff [6] as he was responsible for trade protection and anti-submarine operations.

In September 1917 the Admiralty dually became responsible for the control of the ships of the British Merchant Navy together with the movements of the British Fleet. It established the Mercantile Movements Division under the control of a Director of Mercantile Movements. [7]

Heads of Section

Organising Manager of Convoys

  • Mr. H. W. Eldon Manisty, 25 June 1917 - 10 September 1917 [8]


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