Commodore-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard

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Commodore-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Reports toCommander-in-Chief, Plymouth
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
PrecursorCaptain-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard
First holderCommodore Second Class, George Digby Morant.
Final holderCommodore Second Class, George Digby Morant.
SuccessionCaptain-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard

The Commodore-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard was a senior appointment of the British Royal Navy established in June, 1887. The office holder was responsible for the administration of Pembroke Dockyard until January, 1889

Administration of the the yard passed to a Captain-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard from 1889.

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