Commodore-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard

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Office of the
Admiral-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
H.M. Dockyard, Gibraltar
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Term lengthnot fixed
usually 1-4 years
PrecursorAdmiral-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard
Formation26 June, 1941
First holderRear-Admiral Henry Bertram Pelly
Final holderRear-Admiral A. Rodney B. Sturdee
Abolished1 July, 1945
SuccessionAdmiral-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard

The Commodore-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard was a senior Royal Navy appointment established on 26 June, 1941 when it replaced the earlier office of Admiral-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard. On 1 Julym 1946 this post was abolished. On 15 August, 1945 the previous office of Admiral-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard revived.

The post holder was responsible for the command of H.M. Dockyard, Gibraltar.


The office was first created on 26 June, 1941 following the appointment of Commodore, Second Class Albert John Robertson. The office holder was responsible for the control and direction of the Gibraltar Dockyard. On 1 July, 1945 this office was abolished and replaced a new post Admiral-Superintendent, Gibraltar Dockyard. The final post holder was Commodore, Second Class Hugh Richard Marrack.

Office Holders

  1. Commodore, Second Class Albert John Robertson, 26 June, 1941 – 19 August, 1943, (also Commodore-in-Charge, Gibraltar).
  2. Commodore, Second Class Hugh Richard Marrack, 19 August, 1943 – 1 July, 1945, (ditto).