Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore

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Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Reports toFirst Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Subject to formal approval by the Queen-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed , (usually 1-3 years)
Inaugural holderVice-Admiral Alexander Graeme
Formation(1799–1834), (1899–1961)

The Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore also styled as Commander-in-Chief, Nore was a senior flag officer appointment and a major operational command of the Royal Navy. The office holder was originally based at Chatham from 1799 to 1834 when it was re titled as Commander-in-Chief, Sheerness and moved to Sheerness. In 1899 the office was revived once more 62 years later the post was abolished in 1961.[1]

The office holder superintended the Nore Station.


The office was first established from 1799 when the earlier office Commander-in-Chief, River Medway and at the Nore was renamed Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore. In 1815 the office holder assumed the duties of the Commander-in-Chief, North Sea when that office was abolished.

In 1827 the Commander-in-Chief moved to new headquarters at Admiralty House, Sheerness,that was built as part of the renewal of Sheerness Dockyard this precipitated a further change in organisational structure of the Nore Station. In 1834 the Nore Station was renamed the Sheerness Station under a Commander-in-Chief, Sheerness until 1899.

In 1899 the office of Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore was reestablished once more and between 1952 and 1961 as part of Britain's NATO responsibilities the Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore was given the additional title of Commander, Nore Sub-Area, Allied Command Channel (NATO). At the end of the same year the office was abolished.

Office Holder


  1. Vice-Admiral Alexander Graeme (1799–1803)
  2. Vice-Admiral George Elphinstone, 1st Viscount Keith (1803–1807) (formed part of North Sea Command)
  3. Vice-Admiral Thomas Wells (1807–1810)
  4. Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Edwyn Stanhope (1810–1811)
  5. Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Williams (1811–1814)
  6. Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Rowley, 1st Baronet (1815–1818)
  7. Vice-Admiral Sir John Gore (1818–1821)
  8. Vice-Admiral Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew (1821–1824)
  9. Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Moorsom (1824)
  10. Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Blackwood (1827–1830)
  11. Vice-Admiral Sir John Beresford, 1st Baronet (1830–1833)
  12. Vice-Admiral Sir Richard King, 2nd Baronet (1833–1834)
  13. Vice-Admiral Sir Nathaniel Bowden-Smith (1899–1900)
  14. Vice-Admiral Sir William Kennedy (1900–1901)
  15. Vice-Admiral Sir Albert Hastings Markham (1901–1903)
  16. Admiral Sir Hugo Pearson (1903–1907)
  17. Admiral Sir Gerard Noel (1907–1908)
  18. Admiral Sir Charles Carter Drury (1908–1911)
  19. Admiral Sir Sir Richard Poore, 4th Baronet (1911–1915)
  20. Admiral Sir George Astley Callaghan (1915–1918)
  21. Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee (1918–1921)
  22. Admiral Sir Hugh Evan-Thomas (1921–1924)
  23. Vice Admiral Sir William Goodenough (1924–1927)
  24. Admiral Sir Edwyn Alexander-Sinclair (1927–1930)
  25. Admiral Sir Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt, 1st Baronet (1930–1933)
  26. Vice Admiral Sir Hugh Tweedie (1933–1935)
  27. Vice Admiral Sir Edward Evans, 1st Baron Mountevans (1935–1939)
  28. Admiral Sir Studholme Brownrigg (January 1939 – December 1939)
  29. Admiral Sir Reginald Drax Plunkett (1939–1941)
  30. Admiral Sir George Lyon (1941–1943)
  31. Admiral Sir John Cronyn Tovey (1943–1946)
  32. Admiral Sir Harold Burrough (1946–1948)
  33. Admiral Sir Henry Moore (1948–1950)
  34. Admiral Sir Cecil Harcourt (1950–1952)
  35. Admiral Sir Cyril Douglas-Pennant (1952–1953)
  36. Admiral Sir Geoffrey Oliver (1953–1955)
  37. Admiral Sir Frederick Parham (1955–1958)
  38. Admiral Sir Robin Durnford-Slater (1958–1961)


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