Commander-in-Chief, China Station

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Office of the Commander-in-Chief, China Station
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Department of Admiralty
Reports toFirst Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
NominatorFirst Lord of the Admiralty
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Subject to formal approval by the King-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–3 years)
Inaugural holderRear-Admiral George St.V. King

The Commander-in-Chief, China Station was a senior British Royal Navy flag officer appointment. The office holder commanded the China Station from 1865 to 1941 .[1]


The office was created in July 1919 the first incumbent of the office was Rear-Admiral George St.V. King.[2] The admiral commanding was responsible for the control and direction of the China Station. The final office holder was Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton.[3]

Office Holders

Post holders included:[4]

  1. Rear-Admiral George St.V. King: 1865-January 1867 (before C-in-C, China and East Indies Station 1864-65)
  2. Admiral the Hon. Sir Henry Keppel: January 1867-July 1869
  3. Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Kellett: July 1869-August 1871
  4. Rear-Admiral Sir Charles F. A. Shadwell: August 1871-August 1874
  5. Admiral Alfred P. Ryder: August 1874-August 1877
  6. Admiral Charles F. Hillyar: August 1877-September 1878
  7. Admiral Robert Coote: September 1878-January 1881
  8. Vice-Admiral George O. Willes: January 1881-January 1884
  9. Admiral Sir William M. Dowell: January 1884-September 1885
  10. Admiral Sir Richard Vesey Hamilton: September 1885-December 1887
  11. Vice-Admiral Sir Nowell Salmon: December 1887-November 1890
  12. Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick W. Richards: November 1890-February 1892
  13. Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir Edmund R. Fremantle: February 1892-May 1895
  14. Admiral Sir Alexander Buller: May 1895-February 1898
  15. Admiral Sir Edward H.Seymour: February 1898-June 1901
  16. Admiral Sir Cyprian A.G.Bridge: June 1901-March 1904
  17. Admiral Sir Gerard H. U. Noel: March 1904-March 1906
  18. Admiral Sir Arthur W. Moore: March 1906-March 1908
  19. Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir Hedworth Lambton: March 1908-March 1910
  20. Vice-Admiral Sir Alfred L.Winsloe: March 1910-March 1913
  21. Vice-Admiral Sir T.H.Martyn Jerram: March 1913-November 1915
  22. Vice-Admiral Sir W.Lowther Grant: November 1915-June 1917
  23. Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick C.T. Tudor: June 1917-November 1919
  24. Admiral Sir Alexander L. Duff: November 1919-November 1922
  25. Admiral Sir Arthur C. Leveson: November 1922-September 1924
  26. Vice-Admiral Sir Allan F. Everett: September 1924-June 1925
  27. Vice-Admiral Sir Edwyn S. Alexander-Sinclair: June 1925-January 1927
  28. Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald Y. Tyrwhitt, Bt.: January 1927-February 1929
  29. Admiral Sir Arthur K. Waistell: February 1929-December 1930
  30. Admiral Sir W. A. Howard Kelly: December 1930-March 1933
  31. Admiral Sir Frederic C. Dreyer: March 1933-January 1936
  32. Admiral Sir Charles J. C. Little: January 1936-February 1938
  33. Admiral Sir Percy L.H. Noble: February 1938-September 1940
  34. Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton: September 1940-10 December 1941


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