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The Chief of the General Staff (CGS) is a General Officer appointment and professional head of the British Army on two occasions the first from 1904 to 1908 when it was called the Chief of the Imperial General Staff. In 1964 the former's title was changed back to its original name.


The office in name was first established in 1904 following demise of the earlier Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. In 1908 the title was changed to Chief of the Imperial General Staff until 1964 when it was altered back to its original name.

Office Holders

  1. General Sir Neville Lyttelton 1904–1908
  2. General Sir Richard Hull 1964-1965
  3. General Sir James Cassels 1965-1968
  4. General Sir Geoffrey Baker 1968-1971
  5. General Sir Michael Carver 1971-1973
  6. General Sir Peter Hunt 1973-1976
  7. General Sir Roland Gibbs 1976-1979
  8. General Sir Edwin Bramall 1979-1982
  9. General Sir John Stanier 1982-1985
  10. Field Marshal Sir Nigel Bagnall 1985-1989
  11. General Sir John Chapple 1989-1992
  12. Field Marshal Sir Peter Inge 1992-1994
  13. General Sir Charles Guthrie 1994-1997
  14. General Sir Roger Wheeler 1997-2000
  15. General Sir Michael Walker 2000-2003
  16. General Sir Michael Jackson 2003-2006
  17. General Sir Richard Dannatt 2006-2009
  18. General Sir David Richards 2009-2010
  19. General Sir Peter Wall 2010-current