Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet

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Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet
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Home Fleet
NominatorFirst Lord of the Admiralty
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–3 years)
PrecursorChief of Staff, Atlantic Fleet
FormationJanuary 1908, March 1932
First holderRear-Admiral the Hon. Alexander E. Bethell
Final holderRear-Admiral Edmund N. Poland
AbolishedMarch 1909, June 1967
SuccessionChief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, the Fleet

The Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet. was a senior British Royal Navy appointment. He was the commander-in-chiefs principal staff officer providing administrative support, It was first established from June 1908 to March 1909 and again from March 1932 until June 1967.[1]


The office was first created in April 1919 the first incumbent of the office was Rear-Admiral the Hon. Alexander E. Bethell. Following reorganisation of fleet level commands in the Royal Navy it was abolished, and was succeeded later by the Chief of Staff, Grand Fleet. In March 1932 the Atlantic Fleet was renamed the Home Fleet and this office was revived. It existed until June 1967 when the Home Fleet was deactivated and its remaining formations were absorbed into the Western Fleet. He was the Home Fleet's chief staff officer providing administrative support from April 1919 to March 1932. The final incumbent was Rear-Admiral Edmund N. Poland.


The Chief of Staff ran the Home Fleet Headquarters on a day to day basis. He was responsible for the coordination, prioritisation and coherence of all staff effort within the HQ.

Office Holders

Post holders included:[2]

  1. Rear-Admiral the Hon. Alexander E. Bethell: January 1908-March 1909
  2. Rear-Admiral Ragnar M. Colvin: March 1932-December 1932
  3. Rear-Admiral Dudley B. N. North: December 1932-August 1933
  4. Rear-Admiral Thomas F. P. Calvert: August 1933-August 1935
  5. Rear-Admiral Bertram H. Ramsay: August-December 1936
  6. Rear-Admiral Henry R. Moore: January 1936-April 1938
  7. Rear-Admiral Edward L. S. King: April 1938-June 1940
  8. Vice-Admiral Lancelot E. Holland: June-November 1940
  9. Rear-Admiral E. J. Patrick Brind: December 1940-April 1942
  10. Commodore Michael M. Denny: April 1942-November 1943
  11. Commodore William R. Slayter: November 1943-June 1945
  12. Commodore Dennis M. Lees: June 1945-January 1946
  13. Commodore C.T. Mark Pizey: January-November 1946
  14. Commodore Eric W. Longley-Cook: November 1946-February 1948
  15. Commodore William W. Davis: February 1948-January 1950
  16. Rear-Admiral Cecil C. Hughes-Hallett: January 1950-December 1951
  17. Rear-Admiral George B. H. Fawkes: December 1951-December 1953
  18. Rear-Admiral Geoffrey Thistleton-Smith: December 1953-December 1955
  19. Commodore Walter A. Adair: December 1955-May 1956
  20. Rear-Admiral Thomas V. Briggs: May 1956-January 1958
  21. Rear-Admiral Hector C.D. MacLean: January 1958-August 1959
  22. Rear-Admiral John B. Frewen: August 1959-April 1961
  23. Rear-Admiral William J. Munn: April 1961-May 1963
  24. Rear-Admiral David G. Clutterbuck: May 1963-December 1965
  25. Rear-Admiral Edmund N. Poland: December 1965-June 1967


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