Captain-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard

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Captain-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Reports toCommander-in-Chief, Plymouth
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
PrecursorResident Commissioner, Pembroke
First holderCaptain George Ramsay
Final holderCaptain Leonard Andrew Boyd Donaldson

The Captain-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard was a senior appointment of the British Royal Navy. The office holder was responsible for the administration of Pembroke Dockyard

Administration of the the yard passed to an Commodore-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard from 1887 to 1889 and then an Admiral-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard from 1906 to 1915.

Office Holders


  • Captain George Ramsay: July 1857-September 1862
  • Captain William Loring: September 1862-March 1866
  • Captain Robert Hall: March 1866-March 1871
  • Captain William Armytage: February 1871-January 1872
  • Captain Richard W. Courtenay: January 1872-March 1875
  • Captain Richard Vesey Hamilton: March 1875-October 1877
  • Captain George H. Parkin: October 1877-October 1882
  • Captain Alfred J. Chatfield: October 1882-January 1886
  • Captain Edward Kelly: January 1886-June 1887
  • Captain Samuel Long: January 1889-August 1891
  • Captain Walter Stewart: August 1891-January 1893
  • Captain Charles C.Penrose Fitzgerald: January 1893-March 1895
  • Captain William H. Hall: March 1895
  • Captain Charles J. Balfour: March 1895-October 1896
  • Captain Burges Watson: October 1896-October 1899
  • Captain Charles J. Barlow: October 1899-October 1902
  • Captain Gerald Walter Russell: October 1902-October 1904
  • Captain John Denison: October 1904-October 1906
  • Captain Frederick D. Gilpin Brown: September 1915-April 1918
  • Captain John G. Armstrong: April 1918-February 1920
  • Captain David Murray Anderson: February 1920-April 1922
  • Captain the Hon. Arthur B. S. Dutton: April 1922-July 1924
  • Captain Leonard Andrew Boyd Donaldson: July 1924-1926


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