Battle of Boroughbridge

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Battle of Boroughbridge
Part of Despenser War
Date16 March 1322
Result Royal Victory
Royal Forces Baronial Forces
Commanders and leaders
Harclay arms.jpg Sir Andrew Harclay
Sir John Peche
Arms of Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster.svg Earl Thomas of LancasterTemplate:Surrendered
Arms of the House of de Bohun.svg Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford
Arms of Clifford.svg Baron Roger Clifford
c. 4,000 c. 1,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Boroughbridge was fought on 16 March 1322 in England between a group of rebellious barons and King Edward II, near Boroughbridge, north-west of York. The culmination of a long period of antagonism between the King and Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, his most powerful subject, it resulted in Lancaster's defeat and execution. This allowed Edward to re-establish royal authority, and hold on to power for another five years.

Not in itself a part of the Wars of Scottish Independence, the battle is significant for its employment of tactics learned in the Scottish wars in a domestic, English conflict. Both the extensive use of foot soldiers rather than cavalry, and the heavy impact caused by the longbow, represented significant steps in military developments.