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HM Naval Base, Bahrain
HMS Jufair (1935-1971)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Active1934 – 1971
CountryFlag of Bahrain 1932 to 1972.png British Protectorate of Bahrain
AllegianceFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
TypeNaval Base & Station
Part ofPersian Gulf Station (1935-1958)
Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station (1959-1962)
Persian Gulf Station (1962-1968)
Gulf Naval Command (1968-1971)
Garrison/HQRN Base,Bahrain

Bahrain was a naval base and command of the British Royal Navy and Royal Indian Navy, it was first established in the decade before world war two until 1971. At various times it encompassed a shore base, naval formations and other ships not attached to other formations.

The commanding officer was called Naval Officer in Charge, Bahrain usually a Captain or Commander.[1]


Bahrain was established as a a permanent Royal Navy base within the state on 13 April 1935 known as HMS Jufair, as part of the port at Mina Salman. This base and sub command was part of a large naval area command known as the Persian Gulf Station until 1958.

During World War Two Bahrain was bombed by the Italian Air Force during World War II, as part of an Axis Forces effort to cut-off one of the three Allied Forces sources of oil in the Persian Gulf.

Following the deactivation of the East Indies Station in 1958 British forces withdrew to Persian Gulf grouped under a new naval area command known as the Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station. In 1962 the former command was deactivated and the former Persian Gulf command was reinstated until 1968, when it was renamed the Gulf Naval Command. In 1971 Bahrain became an independent state and all British naval force and establishments were closed down.

In Command

Naval Officer in Charge, Bahrain (1943-1945)

  1. Captain Courtenay Alexander Rives Shillington, R.N.V.R. 1943 -1945.[2]


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