Australian Fleet (RAN)

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Australian Fleet
Naval Ensign of the Royal Australian Navy from 1967 onward.png
The British White Ensign was used as the ensign of the Royal Australian Navy from 1911 to 1967
Active1913–26, 1949-88
BranchFlag of the Australian Defence Force from 2007.jpg Australian Defence Force
Part ofDepartment of Defence (Australia)
Garrison/HQRAN Base, Sydney, Australia

The Australian Fleet was a formation and command of the Royal Australian Navy first established in on 23 June 1913 when it replaced the Royal Navy's Australia Station naval command area and assumed responsibility for the waters around Australia.


In 1859 the British Admiralty decided to establish an independent naval command for the waters around Australia to be called, the Australia Station, under the command of a commodore who was then appointed as Commander-in-Chief, Australia Station.. A the same time an Australian Squadron was created to which British naval ships serving on the Australia Station were allocated.

In June 1913, the Royal Navy's Australia Station ceased as a wholly British command and responsibility for Australian waters was handed over to the Royal Australian Navy's Australian Fleet and its Sydney based depots, dockyards and structures were gifted to the Commonwealth of Australia. On 30 April 1926 the Australian Fleet was renamed Australian Squadron (RAN).

On 5 October 1949 the Australian squadron was renamed back to its former name the Australian Fleet until 2 September 1988 when it was renamed as Fleet Command.

In Command

Vice-Admiral Commanding, HM Australian Fleet (1913-16)

  1. Vice-Admiral, Sir George Patey, KCMG, KCVO, RN. 23 June 1913–22 September 1916.

Rear-Admiral Commanding, HM Australian Fleet (1916-24)

  1. Rear-Admiral Sir William Pakenham, KCB, MVO, RN, 23 September 1916 – 9 January 1917.
  2. Rear-Admiral Arthur Leveson, CB, RN, 9 January 1917 – 3 September 1918.
  3. Rear-Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, KCMG, CB, RN 4 September 1918 – 21 March 1919.
  4. Rear-Admiral John Dumaresq, CB, CVO, RN, 22 March 1919 – 29 April 1922.
  5. Rear-Admiral Albert Addison, CMG, RN, 30 April 1922 – 30 April 1924.

Commodore Commanding, HM Australian Fleet (1924-26)

  1. Commodore Thomas Wardle, DSO, RN, 30 April 1924 – 30 April 1926.