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HM Naval Base, Devonport, Auckland
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CountryUnited Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
Part ofNew Zealand Station (1921-1941)
Garrison/HQRN Base, Auckland
New Zealand
FirstCommander Frederic C. Bradley
LastCaptain Terence D. Herrick

Auckland was a naval base and area command of the British Royal Navy established in 1925. It was deactivated in 1956 when the naval base was handed back to the Royal New Zealand Navy.


Devonport is a harbourside suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. It is located on the North Shore, at the southern end of a peninsula that runs southeast from near Lake Pupuke in Takapuna, forming the northern side of the Waitematā Harbour. East of Devonport lies North Head, the northern promontory guarding the mouth of the harbour.

Devonport is one of the oldest colonial settlements in Auckland, and the first on the North Shore. In 1841 a signal station for Auckland's shipping was erected on Mount Victoria (Takarunga), and the signal master, Robert Snow, and his family became the first Europeans to live in the area permanently. From then until the 1860s, the settlement was called Flagstaff, because of the flagstaff at the signal station. Flagstaff was subdivided for town sections and farms in the early 1850s.

On the southern shore, to the west of the centre of Devonport, a nearby deep water anchorage suitable for Royal Navy vessels, the Devonport Naval Base was established. William Hobson, then the Governor of New Zealand, considered the sandspit-protected area a better choice for a naval installation than the shallower Tamaki waters on the southern side of the harbour. While some facilities have expanded and shifted in location over time, the area is still the primary base for the Royal New Zealand Navy. The Calliope Dock at Stanley Bay, part of the base, was opened on 16 February 1888 and at the time was the largest dockyard's in the Southern hemisphere. The suburb also had one of the oldest New Zealand shipyards, now part of the Devonport Yacht Club area. In 1956 the British government handed the base over to the Royal New Zealand Navy.

In Command

Devonport Naval Base and Dockyard, Auckland New Zealand in 1952.Photo Credit The National Library of New Zealand.

Naval Officer in Charge, Auckland (1925-1936)

  1. Commander Frederic C. Bradley, 30 January, 1925.
  2. Commander Nelson Clover, 17 July, 1928.
  3. Commander Edward L. Berthon, 2 January, 1931 – August, 1934.
  4. Commander Basil C. B. Brooke, 10 November, 1933.
  5. Commander Charles B. Tinley, 27 April, 1936.

Captain in Charge, Auckland (1938-1940)

  1. Captain Hugh M. Barnes, 21 October, 1938 – 14 October, 1940

Naval Officer in Charge, Auckland (1940-1956)

  1. Commander Douglas A. Bingley, 14 October, 1940
  2. Commodore, First Class Eustace Rotherham, 27 January, 1941 – 21 June, 1943
  3. Commodore, First Class William K. D. Dowding, 21 June, 1943 – 7 January, 1946
  4. Acting Captain Douglas A. Bingley, 7 January, 1946 – 19 June, 1946
  5. Captain Charles R. V. Pugh, 19 June, 1946 – 5 June, 1948
  6. Captain Auberon C. A. C. Duckworth, 5 June, 1948 – 8 October, 1950
  7. Captain Arthur E. T. Christie, 8 October, 1950 – 9 October, 1952
  8. Captain Maurice L. Hardie, 9 October, 1952 – 9 November, 1954
  9. Captain Terence D. Herrick, 9 November, 1954 – 5 November, 1956