Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Warfare)

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Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Warfare)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Admiralty Naval Staff (1952-1964), Naval Staff (Navy Department) (1964-1968)
Member ofBoard of Admiralty
Reports toVice Chief of Naval Staff
NominatorFirst Sea Lord
Minister of Defence for the Royal Navy
AppointerPrime Minister
Subject to formal approval by the Queen-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–3 years)
Inaugural holderRear-Admiral Geoffrey Barnard

The Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Warfare) was a senior British Royal Navy appointment. The post holder was part of the Admiralty Naval Staff from October, 1952 to April 1964. Then part of the Naval Staff (Navy Department) from April, 1964 to May, 1968.


The post was originally established in October, 1952 as part of the Admiralty Naval Staff. In April 1964 following a reorganisation of defence in the United Kingdom the existing individual service ministries the (Air Ministry, Department of Admiralty and War Office) were unified into the Ministry of Defence, where they became service departments. The Admiralty became the Navy Department and the Admiralty Naval Staff was renamed to Naval Staff (Navy Department). The office existed until May, 1968 when it was renamed to Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operational Requirements).

Office holders

Additional Notes

In 1968 the name was changed to Assistant Chief of Naval Staff Operational Requirements.


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