Ascension Dockyard

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HM Dockyard, Ascension
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Part of Ascension Station
Georgetown in Ascension Island
TypeNaval Dockyard
Site information
OperatorRoyal Navy
Controlled byFlag of the Navy Board 1801 to 1832.jpg Navy Board
Board of Admiralty Flag 20th Century.png Board of Admiralty
Site history
In use1816-1922
Installation information
Resident Commissioner Ascension
Naval Officer-in-Charge, Ascension (1877-1922)
OccupantsPreventative Squadron

Ascension Dockyard was established in 1816 as part of a small naval base in Georgetown, Ascension Island, South Atlantic. The facility was part of the Ascension Station and existed until 1922.


Ascension Dockyard was part of a small naval base that was established in Georgetown, Ascension Island, South Atlantic in 1816 following Napoleon's imprisonment on Saint Helena; it went on to serve as a victualling, repair and supply station for the West Africa Squadron. A Naval Hospital was established on site in 1832, and new facilities for servicing steam warships were added in the 1860s. Naval activity had substantially decreased by the end of the 19th century. During the early 20th century a coaling station was established next to the dockyard. The island remained under Admiralty control until 1922.

Administration of the Dockyard (Navy Board)

From 1546 until 1660 all Royal Naval Dockyards were administered by the Council of the Marine. From 1660 were administered by a resident commissioner who supervised the other senior officers of the yard on behalf of the Navy Board in London. By an Order in Council dated 27 June 1832 it transferred administrative control of the dockyards organisation to the Board of Admiralty, and the role of the Resident Commissioner of the Navy was abolished and replaced by either a Captain Superintendent or Commodore Superintendent or Admiral-Superintendent depending on the size of the naval dockyard.[1][2] In 1971 all remaining flag officer's titled as admiral superintendent were renamed Port Admirals.

Resident Commissioner, Ascension

Administration of the Dockyard (Board of Admiralty)

Naval Officer-in-Charge, Ascension


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