Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station

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Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station
HMS Juffair (1959-62), HMS Sheba (1962)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryUnited Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
Garrison/HQBahrain (1959-62), Aden (1962)

Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station [1] was a naval command area of the British Royal Navy established in 1958 and deactivated in 1962. At various times it encompassed a shore base, naval formations and other ships not attached to other formations. Command was initially vested in a a Commodore or a Rear-Admiral.


In 1958 Some rationalization took place East of Suez. The East Indies Squadron, no longer welcome at Ceylon, was combined with the existing Far East Fleet in a base at Singapore that grew into the Royal Navy’s major operational centre.[2]. Subsequently the East Indies Station was then deactivated was replaced by the Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station.[3] Its sphere of operations included the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Hormuz, Arabian Sea and North East Indian Ocean.[4] It was disbanded in August 1962 and replaced by the Middle East Command.

In Command

Flag Officer, Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf

Component Units under this Command

Naval Bases

# Naval Bases Ref
1 Bahrain Naval Base
2 Aden Naval Base

Naval Formations

# Naval Formations Ref
1 Persian Gulf Division
2 Red Sea Division
3 Royal East African Navy [5]


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