Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station

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Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station
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CountryUnited Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy

Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station [1] was a naval command area of the British Royal Navy established in 1958 and deactivated in 1962. At various times it encompassed a shore base, naval formations and other ships not attached to other formations. Command was initially vested in a a Commodore or a Rear-Admiral.


In 1958 Some rationalization took place East of Suez. The East Indies Squadron, no longer welcome at Ceylon, was combined with the existing Far East Fleet in a base at Singapore that grew into the Royal Navy’s major operational centre.[2]. Subsequently the East Indies Station was then deactivated was replaced by the Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf Station.[3] Its sphere of operations included the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Hormuz, Arabian Sea and North East Indian Ocean.[4] It was disbanded in August 1962 and replaced by the Middle East Command.

In Command

Flag Officer, Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf

Flag Officer, Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf
Rank Flag Name Term Ref
1 Commodore Commodore command flag RN from 1954.png George F. M. Best October 1958 - 23 August 1960 [5][6]
2 Rear-Admiral Rear Admiral command Flag RN from 1864.png Arthur Allison Fitzroy Talbot 23 August 1960 - August 1961 [7]

Component Units under this Command

Naval Bases

# Naval Bases Ref
1 Bahrain Naval Base
2 Aden Naval Base

Naval Formations

# Naval Formations Ref
1 Persian Gulf Division
2 Red Sea Division
3 Royal East African Navy [8]


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