Admiralty Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment

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Admiralty Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment
Board of Admiralty Flag 20th Century.png
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
HeadquartersAdmiralty Building
Parent agencyDepartment of Admiralty

The Admiralty Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment was established in 1940 it existed until 1947 when it was renamed the Admiralty Underwater Detection Establishment.[1]


Research and experimentation into under water detection originated in the ASDIC Research and Development Unit at Portland Naval Base (1927-1940),[2] it was renamed the Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment now based at Fairlie until 1947 when it was renamed again to the Admiralty Underwater Detection Establishment, which in 1960 was absorbed into the Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment.[3]


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