Admiral Commanding, Reserves

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Admiral Commanding, Reserves
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Preceded by:Admiral Commanding Coastguard and Reserves
CountryFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
Service Branch:Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Commands:Royal Naval Reserve
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Appointed by:First Lord of the Admiralty
Reports to:Second Sea Lord
Term:2-4 years
Created:July 1923
First Holder:Admiral
Sir Hugh Henry Darby Tothill
Abolished:31 December 1976
Final Holder:Rear-Admiral
Hubert Walter Elphinstone Hollins
Deputy:Chief of Staff to Admiral Commanding, Reserves
Succeeded by:Flag Officer, Reserves

The Admiral Commanding, Reserves was a senior Royal Navy appointment. On 24 July 1923 the office of the Admiral Commanding Coastguard and Reserves was abolished replaced by this office holder.[1]


July 1923 the office of the Admiral Commanding Coastguard and Reserves that was was previously created for the superintendence over naval reserves and the coast guard. On 24 July 1923 his office along with his headquarters Coast Guard Office was abolished as responsibility for HM Coast Guard was divided between two other organisations the Board of Customs and Excise and the Board of Trade. The reserve element of the Royal Navy continued with the creation of a new office the Admiral Commanding, Reserves.[2] In January 1977 this office lapsed, at which point the Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command who took over the additional duties of maritime reserves.[3] In 1996 the Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment took over responsibility for naval reserves from the Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command until 2004. In 2005 a new separate flag officer position was created Flag Officer, Reserves that was an additional joint title for the Flag Officer, Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland before lapsing in July 2015. In July, 2018 the office of Flag Officer, Reserves was revived and is currently held as an additional joint title of the Naval Secretary who superintends the UK Maritime Reserve.

Office Holders

Photo of Sir Hugh Henry Darby Tothill by Walter Stoneman taken in 1918 as a Rear-Admiral courtesy © National Portrait Gallery, London, He was the 1st Admiral Commanding, Reserves
  1. Admiral Sir Hugh Henry Darby Tothill: July 1923-July 1925
  2. Admiral Sir Lewis Clinton-Baker: July 1925-August 1927
  3. Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur A. M. Duff: August 1927-August 1929
  4. Admiral Sir John Donald Kelly: August 1929-August 1931
  5. Vice-Admiral Henry W. Parker: August 1931 –October 1933
  6. Admiral Sir George K. Chetwode: October 1933-January 1936
  7. Vice-Admiral Sir H. J. Studholme Brownrigg: January 1936-November 1938
  8. Admiral Sir Noel F. Laurence: November 1938-January 1941
  9. Rear-Admiral Vernon S. Butler, 13 January 1941 – March 1941 (temporary)
  10. Vice-Admiral John G. P. Vivian: March 1941-October 1945
  11. Vice-Admiral Sir Charles E. Morgan: October 1945-October 1947
  12. Admiral Sir Wilfrid R. Patterson: October 1947-October 1949
  13. Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir Guy H.E.Russell: October 1949-October 1950
  14. Vice-Admiral Sir William R. Slayter: October 1950-June 1952
  15. Vice-Admiral John A. S. Eccles: June 1952-January 1953
  16. Vice-Admiral Alan Scott-Moncrieff: April 1953-April 1955
  17. Vice-Admiral John W. Cuthbert: April 1955-January 1956
  18. Vice-Admiral Geoffrey Thistleton-Smith: January 1956-April 1958
  19. Vice-Admiral Sir William Kaye Edden: April 1958-April 1960
  20. Vice-Admiral Sir R. Alastair Ewing: April 1960-August 1962
  21. Rear-Admiral Hugh C. Martell: August 1962-April 1965
  22. Rear-Admiral Geoffrey H. Carew-Hunt: April 1965-April 1968
  23. Rear-Admiral B. C. Godfrey Place: April 1968-May 1970 [4]
  24. Rear-Admiral Ian D. McLaughlan: May 1970-July 1972
  25. Rear-Admiral Ian G. W. Robertson: July 1972-August 1974
  26. Rear-Admiral Hubert Walter Elphinstone Hollins: August 1974 - 31 December 1976


At various times his duties were:


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