Adjutant General’s Division

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Adjutant General’s Division
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Department overview
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
HeadquartersWar Office building
Department executive
  • Adjutant-General of the Forces
Parent departmentMilitary Department

The Adjutant General’s Division was established in 1870 following organisational changes within the War Office. In 1895 it was renamed the Adjutant General's Department.

The division was controlled and directed by the Adjutant-General of the Forces.


In the 1870 reorganisation of the War Office the Adjutant General became the head of one of the divisions of the Commander-in-Chief’s Military Department of the War Office and a member of the War Office Council. Within his Division, in addition to subdivisions performing the duties for which he was responsible before 1870, were placed the Quartermaster General’s Subdivision and the Intelligence Branch.” On the dissolution of the separate Auxiliary Forces Division in 1878 an Auxiliary Forces Branch was added to the Adjutant General’s Division.

A Veterinary Subdivision had been added by 1883. In the reorganisation of 1887-1888 the Quartermaster General became independent of the Adjutant General once more. He took over from the Adjutant General responsibility for clothing and equipment in exchange for mobilization duties. At the same time intelligence and veterinary matters became the responsibility of separate divisions. In 1895 the Adjutant General became one of the five principal military officers of the War Office Council with a department of his own, Adjutant General's Department.

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