9th Battle Squadron

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9th Battle Squadron
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
ActiveJuly, 1914
DisbandedAugust, 1914
CountryFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Garrison/HQDevonport Dockyard

The 9th Battle Squadron or Ninth Battle Squadron was a short-lived formation of the British Royal Navy consisting of battleships serving in the Grand Fleet. [1]


The 9th Battle Squadron was formed at Grimsby on 27 July 1914, and comprised a number of the older Majestic-Class Battleships from the pre-dreadnought era.[2]

However due to the age and obsolescence of its constituent vessels, a decision was taken by the Board of Admiralty on 7 August 1914 that, the 9th Battle Squadron was to be dissolved and its ships were then allocated to guard duty. No flag officer was appointed to command the formation.


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