27th Destroyer Flotilla

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27th Destroyer Flotilla (27DF)
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AllegianceFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom from 1801.png Royal Navy

The 27th Destroyer Flotilla also known as the Twenty Seventh Destroyer Flotilla was a naval formation of the Royal Navy from 1944 to 1945.[1]


The flottila was formed on 6 June 1944 to take part in Operation Neptune (the amphibious phase of Operation Overlord) the D Day landings in Normandy France.[2] It was part of the support Force E under the command of Rear-Admiral Frederick Hew George Dalrymple-Hamilton assigned to Juno Beach.[3] It included ships from the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy and Forces Lavales Francaises Libres (Free French Naval Forces).[4]

On 22 November 1944 following a reorganization of the British Eastern Fleet that lasted until 23 November 1944 it was reformed as part of the new East Indies Fleet based at Trincomalee Naval Base, British Ceylon.[5] It remained with the East Indies Fleet until December, 1944 before being disbanded. On 17 January, 1945 it was reformed again but now part of the British Pacific Fleet until August, 1945.[6]

In Command

Captain (D) 27th Destroyer Flotilla

The commanding officer of the 27th Destroyer Flotilla held the title of Captain (Destroyers), or 'Captain (D)'.

Captain (D) 27th Destroyer Flotilla
Rank Name Term Notes
1 Captain Manley Laurence Power 6 June, - November, 1944 [7]
2 Captain Eric George McGregor 10 February- July 1945 [8]


Operation Juno 6 June 1944

Included:[9] United Kingdom, Force E 6 June 1944

  1. HMS Venus (R50) (Leader)
  2. HMS Vigilant (R93)
  3. HMCS Algonquin (R17)
  4. HMCS Sioux (R64)
  5. HMS Stevenstone (L16)
  6. HMS Bleasdale (L50)
  7. HNoMS Glaisdale (L 44)
  8. FNFL La Combattante

Eastern Fleet (1944)

United Kingdom, 17 Jan - 22 Nov 1944

  1. HMS Whelp (R37)
  2. HMS Whirlwind (R87)
  3. HMS Wager (R98)
  4. HMS Wessex (R78)
  5. HMS Wrangler (R48)
  6. HMS Wakeful (R59)

East Indies Fleet (1944)

United Kingdom, 22 Nov - Dec 1944

  1. HMS Whelp (R37)
  2. HMS Whirlwind (R87)
  3. HMS Wager (R98)
  4. HMS Wessex (R78)
  5. HMS Wrangler (R48)
  6. HMS Wakeful (R59)

British Pacific Fleet (1944-1945)

United Kingdom, 17 Jan - Aug 1945

  1. HMS Kempenfelt (R03) (Leader) — (10 Feb 45-Aug 1945)
  2. HMS Whelp (R37)
  3. HMS Whirlwind (R87)
  4. HMS Wager (R98)
  5. HMS Wessex (R78)
  6. HMS Wizard (R72)
  7. HMS Wrangler (R48)
  8. HMS Wakeful (R59)


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