1st Flotilla

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1st Flotilla
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Active1979 – 1992
CountryFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Part ofFleet Command
HQPortsmouth Naval Base
FirstRear-Admiral Peter G.M. Herbert
LastVice-Admiral the Hon. Sir Nicholas J. Hill-Norton

The 1st Flotilla also known as the First Flotilla was a fleet level naval formation of the Royal Navy from 1979 to 1992.


The Western Fleet and Far East Fleet were merged into the single Fleet Command in November, 1971. It had three new seagoing subordinate commands: the 1st Flotilla, 2nd Flotilla and Carriers and Amphibious Ships each commanded by a Rear-Admiral.[1] In December 1979 Carriers and Amphibious Ships command was re-named 3rd Flotilla.[2] In 1990 the First Flotilla was re-designated Surface Flotilla. In April 1992, the 2nd Flotilla and 3rd Flotilla as separate formations was abolished, and there constituent naval units were unified into the Surface Flotilla.

In Command

Flag Officer, First Flotilla


  1. Rear-Admiral Arthur M. Power: November 1971-January 1973
  2. Vice-Admiral Iwan G. Raikes: January 1973-March 1974
  3. Vice-Admiral Henry C. Leach: March 1974-November 1975
  4. Vice-Admiral Anthony S. Morton: November 1975-March 1977
  5. Rear-Admiral Robert R. Squires: March 1977-October 1978
  6. Rear-Admiral David J. Hallifax: October 1978-April 1980
  7. Rear-Admiral D. Conrad Jenkin: April 1980-July 1981
  8. Rear-Admiral Sir John F. Woodward: July 1981-April 1983
  9. Rear-Admiral J. Jeremy Black: April 1983-April 1984
  10. Rear-Admiral Robin I.T. Hogg: April 1984-October 1986
  11. Vice-Admiral John B. Kerr: October 1986-July 1988
  12. Vice-Admiral John F. Coward: July 1988-September 1989
  13. Vice-Admiral A. Peter Woodhead: September 1989- April 1990 (re-appointed Flag Officer, Surface Flotilla until September 1991)

Component under this Command

Naval Formations

Unit Date Notes
1st Frigate Squadron 1972-1981
2nd Frigate Squadron 1972-1981
3rd Frigate Squadron 1972-1977
4th Frigate Squadron 1972-1976
5th Frigate Squadron 1976-1977
6th Frigate Squadron 1977-1981
3rd Destroyer Squadron 1980-1990

Naval Establishments providing Logistical Support

Unit Date Notes
Portsmouth Naval Base 1971-1990


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