15th Cruiser Squadron

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15th Cruiser Squadron
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
In CommandRear/Vice/Admiral Commanding, 15th Cruiser Squadron
FirstVice-Admiral Edward L. S. King
LastRear-Admiral Harold R.G. Kinahan

The 15th Cruiser Squadron or Fifteenth Cruiser Squadron also known as Force K was a formation of cruisers of the British Royal Navy from 1940 to 1946.

It was commanded by the Rear-Admiral or Vice-Admiral Commanding, 15th Cruiser Squadron.


The squadron was formed in May 1940 and was assigned to the Home Fleet. In 1941 it was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet where it remained for the duration of World War Two. In May 1941 it served in the Battle of Crete, with its ships dispersed into several different Forces. For the duration of the battle, Rear Admiral Edward L. S. King was given command of Force C, which comprised a mixture of cruisers and destroyers. On 17 December 1941 the squadron was involved in the First Battle of Sirte against the Regia Marina (Italian Navy). On 22 March 1942 the squadron was involved in the Second Battle of Sirte against the Italian Fleet. Between 12 and 16 June 1942 it took part in Operation Vigorous. From 22 January to 5 June 1944 the squadron provided support during the Battle of Anzio. In June 1946 it was re-designated the 1st Cruiser Squadron.

In Command


  1. Vice-Admiral Edward L. S. King, July 1940 – October 1941, (as Rear-Admiral until 30 May 1941)
  2. Rear-Admiral Sir Philip L. Vian, October 1941 – September 1942
  3. Rear-Admiral Arthur J. Power, September 1942 – May 1943
  4. Rear-Admiral Cecil H.J. Harcourt, May 1943 – January 1944
  5. Rear-Admiral John M. Mansfield, January 1944 – March 1945
  6. Commodore 1st Class Maurice J. Mansergh, March 1945 – January 1946
  7. Rear-Admiral Harold R.G. Kinahan, January–June 1946


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